Story of Surya Bhakti

Surya Sagar Communication is a new concept in the television industry. This company Is promoted by people who excel in corporate & media world. All four channels of the company take fully into account the News & Current Affairs, Religious diversity of India & its Cultural and Ethical heritage along with healthy Entertainment & Cinema.

“NAYA BHARAT, NAYA SAVERA” would define the word “SURYA” and that is the reason it is company’s tagline. Philosophical and cultural doctrine of ancient India is not only relevant to modern India but to the entire World as well.We strongly believe that the rise of “SURYA” would guide us to the right path of “NAYA BHARAT”.

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हमारे नवीनतम संगीत एल्बमों की जांच करें। आप आसानी से हमारे संगीत एल्बम सुन सकते हैं।.